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Dorset Natural Resources And Commodity Investment Portfolio

  • Dorset Natural Resources is a multi-strategy portfolio employing only discretionary commodity traders, each typically focused on only one commodity or commodity sector.
  • Our management team has long experience in commodity futures markets, their underlying physical markets and a proven record of employing expert and successful commodity traders.
  • Our portfolio targets Alpha generation and capital preservation in all market conditions.
  • Our portfolio of traders is diversified across a full spectrum of commodities. There is little to no overlap between strategies.
  • Assets are invested for maximum capital efficiency and are reallocated among traders continuously in order to obtain maximum benefit from prevailing opportunities.
  • Our product provides an effective alternative investment for tail risk diversification during equity down cycles, periods of dollar decline and increasing inflation.
  • Our portfolio has been profitable since inception and has outperformed all its benchmarks each year of its operation.